Outbound Groupage

CCL has maximum outgoing consignments that travel from India to places like China, Malaysia and even Italy in Europe. This makes it natural for our firm to seek ways to benefit maximum customers in any which way possible. Outbound groupage seems to be the best possible option to achieve this goal. By combining the consignments going to different countries, we create a consolidated consignment for each country and arrange for the safe and efficient delivery of the consignment to the concerned ports etc.

However, our efforts don’t just stop at transporting the consignment. We make sure that after reaching the desired place, the concerned individuals have all the details of the consignments that are contained in that one consolidated delivery. This way, the deliveries are smooth and don’t take long and even fetch great prices to the customers as the combined consignment takes less time to get delivered. Also, it uses fewer resources to be delivered thereby reducing the cost significantly.

We maintain a vigilant team of experts at both ends of the transaction thereby ensuring that the things that are taken care of at one end are maintained at the other end as well. The rules are the same, only the places differ. This uniformity in the motives helps us track the consignment efficiently from both ends and keep the customer updated about their goods. CCL knows how important content is to their customers and this understanding makes it easier to know how to take good care of the consignment.

With the help of hi-tech machinery and customized container environs, we ensure that the consignment being sent is in the right state and reaches the desired venue at the right time and in sound condition. From there, the consolidated consignment is dissected and sent to the various customers eagerly waiting to lay eyes on their goods!