Storage & Distribution

CCL provides a network of storage and distribution facilities in international venues and helps customers enjoy lower overhead prices. This has been made possible by our efficient management that has managed to come up with better schemes in the interest of the customer. We provide customers with one-of-a-kind services through upgraded technology and adherence to apex quality standards. We ensure that the consignments that are delivered or received are in the right state and in the best of quality. To get this, we ensure that the environment in which these goods are being delivered is the best for the respective goods.

Storage and distribution however is not just to ensure easy access to the consignment by the client, but also to take care that the right amount of goods is sent to the right place at the right time. Having said that, we also ensure that the goods are in the right condition, and that no delays are made during the transfer. Of course, maintaining ample space in the storage areas and during distribution through trucking etc. is also one of the key responsibilities we carry out during delivery of consignments. We update the number of storage areas according to the number of consignments by maintaining a constant buffer for a rainy day.

Our storage facilities guide us into making a proper distribution system. This system not only turns out to be efficient but also ensures customer satisfaction. We are able to anticipate the time in which a consignment would be delivered to us or transported from us and we create the storage spaces accordingly based on the kinds of goods and the time span for which those goods would remain with us. Keeping these points in mind, we are successful in creating suitable storage spaces and distribution techniques.