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Contrans Group Pvt. Ltd. is an international freight forwarding firm with a strong foothold in the world-wide freight forwarding market. The company is known for its customer-based approach to the freight forwarding business and guarantees nothing less than the very best to its customer. At Contrans Group, customers are not just firms or individuals involved in business, they are our family and everybody knows that family ALWAYS comes first. We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our customers and always look out for what’s best for them. With competitive rates and equally competitive services, we offer customer satisfaction in the field of sea freight forwarding, air freight forwarding, road transportation, storage, distribution, and international groupage.

So whether it’s the road, air or sea, we’re there when you want us to be!

Whether it’s the road, air or sea, we’re there when you want us to be!

We have strong principles that act as our compass and point us north in the direction of customer satisfaction and constant progress! With a management as experienced and wise as ours, customers sit back and relax as we make things possible for them. Contrans Group has the best of connections and employees that constantly work to get customers what they want, where and when they want it. For us, customer satisfaction is apex and every step we take towards our work, only brings us closer to this goal.

Apart from such an atmosphere, Contrans Group has the highest standards of work that see the company through many a high-priority project. It is here that our adherence to a stringent project completion timeline comes in handy. At Contrans Group, we know how much value your time. We know this because we value it more! That is why we make sure you get your content on time. We believe that our customers come to us with high expectations and we make sure we deliver them on the dot and deliver more than they expect. After all, isn’t that what families do for each other.

Why Us

Contrans Group is a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions. We have Networks in more than 50 countries and an international network of partners and agents, making us a truly global player that offers services worldwide.







Information Management

Logistic Helps You Realise Your Business Goals

Information management is literally the foundation of a freight forwarding system. This is the system on which the entire process of freight forwarding works. From loading to unloading, from pick to delivery of goods, information management plays a pivotal role in knowing what step to take and when to take it. At Contrans Group, we maintain a highly successful information management system, with online tracking forming a major part of this process. From the first activity of shipping the consignment to the last of the consignment reaching the desired place, the Internet acts as a tool to maintain a schedule of the things that have taken place and when and where this has been done. The system even lets you know about custom clearance status and the change in the means of transport as well.

With the help of our tracking system, the customer can get to know the status of their consignment with the help of numbers assigned to the consignment. This acts as a guide for the customer to constantly keep in touch with their consignment and inform beforehand if the consignment needs to reach the desired destination earlier than asked for previously. This helps Contrans Group create a different route for the forwarding and allows us to ensure that the consignment reaches the said venue on time.

Management of information is crucial at any step of the freight forwarding process and being able to access the status of their consignment gives customers a sense of relief. It also instills confidence in them because they can remain in control of the transportation of the consignment. The customers don’t have to wait idly for the consignment to arrive but can know when and how the goods will arrive. This transparency attracts customers’ trust towards the company that in turn strives harder every day to maintain and enhance that trust.